Techstars Startup Weekend Mauritius 2018

Organisation Startup Weekend is an event by Techstars and powered by Google for entrepreneurs. The participants are given 54 hours during which they need to come up with an idea and develop it into a project. This year in Mauritius, it was organized thanks to Zak├»ya Buhora. The Location The competition ran during the INFOTECH […]

MOHACK 2017: Local Hack Day in Mauritius

Organisation Local Hack Day is an event comprising of over 200 hackathons hosted simultaneously in different locations. It is organised by Major League Hacking yearly and this year brought it to Mauritius in the form of MoHack. The Location The event was held at College du St Esprit which is quite easily reachable. It […]

aOS Maurice 24 Octobre 2017

Organisation aOS Community is an independent community of users and professionals in the Microsoft collaboration platform. It focuses on Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint from which it gets its name. It organises, participates and supports the organisation of all types of events promoting sharing and exchange (public meetings, conferences, online meeting, sharing and exchange networks, […]