CS39820 Technology Entrepreneurship: Week 6

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Entrepreneurship is popular these days and with all the facilities available through the Internet, starting a business has never been easier. I am doing a module on Technology Entrepreneurship at Aberystwyth University (Mauritius) and post about it weekly. Here is what I learned during the sixth week:

1. Lectures Summary

Lecture 10: Data Flow Diagrams

This lecture explored Data Flow Diagrams, used to communicate with clients/investors/team mates.

Diagrams are used to give clear descriptions of what a system does and what the different kinds of users can do. This makes it easier for the users and they can verify if everything is going as planned.

Manual systems can also be represented using diagrams. The diagram may be used to decide which parts of the system to computerise.

For better diagrams:

  • Label important data
  • Add external entities to show how different kinds of user interact with the system
  • Split complex systems into different levels

Data Flow Diagrams

This diagram shows the processes that are happening and the data flowing between them. It does not state when or under which condition the data moves.

Components for a Data Flow Diagram includes:

  • Ovals(or flat sides with round ends) – Functions that process the data
  • Rectangles – Data stores
  • Arrows – Relationship between functions
  • Labels

We can also use other diagrams such as:

  • Flow Diagram to show the detailed decisions of an algorithm.
  • Sequence Diagram to show the run of methods in a scenario.
  • Activity Diagram to show the flow from one operation to another.

2. Project achievements

This week we had to make final decisions about the business ideas for the interim presentation.

We were waiting for Jackie and Bernie to give use feedback on the business proposals before making a choice.

On Friday, we finally chose to go with the student deals platform (Stubud) . We went to Fisayo’s place and he told us about some similar services such as:

The plan was to replicate what they did well and to avoid their mistakes.

I was assigned to do a very quick picture of the process:

As Fisayo was planning to generate unique coupons for each client, he wanted to make a way for the companies to communicate directly with that data. I suggested that we could have some web services which would verify a coupon code.

We started to work on a swot analysis and on the content for the interim presentation:

In the group chat Arjun posted information about the price for cards:

  • One sided printing with magnetic strip – Rs 75 + VAT
  • One sided printing without magnetic strip – Rs 60 + VAT
  • As the quantity increases the price per unit decreases.

He added more similar sites to the list:

I also did some research and found a potential local competitor Student Life and other sites which offer deals like:

3. Interesting additional things

Here are useful site where I got information about the types of diagrams:

Total Time Spent

  • Lectures: 2 hour
  • Group Activity: 7 hours
  • Panopto videos: 1 hour
  • Week Submission: 2 hours
  • Additional Explorations: 1 hours

Total: 13 hours

Questions & Thoughts

This week we finally chose the final Ideas.We also covered the last slides so I was wondering what we will do in future lectures.

I hope that everything goes well for next the interim presentation next week.