aOS Maurice 24 Octobre 2017


aOS Community is an independent community of users and professionals in the Microsoft collaboration platform. It focuses on Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint from which it gets its name. It organises, participates and supports the organisation of all types of events promoting sharing and exchange (public meetings, conferences, online meeting, sharing and exchange networks, …) primarily in French speaking countries, but expanding globally.

The Location


The event was held at Le Labourdonnais Waterfront business hotel, a five star hotel making a luxurious venue. The presentations were given in presentation rooms on the first floor.

The Time Table

The time table had to be changed but we still got very nice sessions. We had the opportunity to choose what we found the most interesting.


Below is a summary of the presentations I attended.

Office 365 a detailed analysis by Michael Noel (US MVP)

This presentation explored the different tools available in Office 365. The slides were in French but Michael talked in English and had a translator. The tools I found most interesting were:

  • Microsoft Team – Chat application (like Slack)
  • Microsoft Forms – To create online surveys etc..
  • Sway – A Presentation software similar to Prezi rather than PowerPoint
  • Flow –  To create automatic actions on trigger
  • PowerBI – To Visualise and analyse data
  • MyAnalytics – A Powerful AI which gives details about yourself

How to build your first intelligent bot by Chervine Bhiwoo (MU MVP)

This presentation explored the Microsoft Bot Framework. The main points were that:

  • People use a lot of instant messaging applications nowadays and this uses a text interface.
  • A bot could take advantage of the text interface and interact with the user.
  • It was not very hard to train a bot.
  • The bots created are Cross-platform.
  • Virtual Assistants can also use the application.

Azure backup/Recovery/DRP, un enjeu pour la continuite du business by Eric Mansa (LINKBYNET)

This presentation explored the backup and recovery tools available on Azure. The slides were in English but Eric talked in French. It was my first French technical presentation. The main points were that:

  • Loss of data happens to 1 company out of 3.
  • 34% of times it is due to human error – overwriting data/clicking on malicious links
  • Azure backup is a very good option at a very good price.
  • There are many options (number of copies/data centres etc.)
  • There are APIs available to link the backup actions to tools.

The Impact of digital literacy on Office 365 user adoption (Skype Session) by Tracy Van Der Schyff (ZA MVP)

This presentation explored the importance of digital literacy. The presentation was done through Skype, first time for me. The main points were that:

  • A Degree is not compulsory.
  • No one is born creative. This can be developed in the right environment.
  • Millennials have great potential as they are naturally skilled.
  • We can use flags on google search to get more accurate results.
  • It is important to be able to learn things on our own.

Office 365 dans la vraie vie! Meilleures pratiques et gros loupés by Patrick Guimonet (FR MVP)

This presentation explored some tips that can be useful when using Office 365. Both the slides and the talk were in French. The top tips were:

  • Create separate inboxes and rules for CC/internal/external mails as they have different priorities.
  • Avoid using reply all (especially for personal matters).
  • Other tools like Skype and yammer can be faster that a mail.
  • Use groups – if you have the rights
  • Agree on which tool you would use for different task.

SharePoint Branding introduction by Preetee Beefeya-Hurchand & Kévin Riahi (AEROW)

This presentation explored the use of SharePoint for building company sites. The main points were that:

  • SharePoint can be used to build company sites
  • The pages can have different look and feel (depending on department etc..)
  • There are different effort level for customising pages (Custom Master Page, CSS etc..)
  • SharePoint is quite limited.
  • We can not longer have public Websites on SharePoint

Building Intelligent Apps with IoT & Cognitive Services by Prabhjot Bakshi (IND MVP)

This presentation explored the Internet of Things. The main points were that:

  • IoT is the idea of having communication between Assets.
  • There will be a lot of data collected and we will need tools like Hadoop to process them.
  • The main difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino is that Raspberry Pi has an OS.
  • Big companies use custom board as they have to abide to specific protocols
  • We can get started with this site.
  • We can use tools like and Emotion API to help us.


I really liked the event especially the presentations on Bots and IoT. I learned a lot and met great people. I hope to see the aOS Community again in Mauritius very soon!