Taking the Simple Programmer Course on how to start a blog


How I came across the course.

Until recently, I did not know that blogging as a programmer was a thing. Now I think that it is actually really important. I was watching some programming related videos on YouTube and came across the Simple Programmer. I liked the channel, so decided to subscribe and began to watch John Sonmez’s videos almost everyday. I learned a lot from those, and in many of them he talked about how he started with just a blog and that we should all do the same. Luckily he had a blogging course, so I took a shot.

Taking the course.

The course was delivered through email, it was actually my first email course and was a nice experience. I could not read them the day they arrived so I did it when I was free. Here is an overview of the course:

[Lesson 1] The Most Important Thing For a Successful Blog : The Theme

In this lesson, it was made clear that the most important step for creating a blog was choosing a theme and the latter should be specific to a targeted area of software development, technology or other smaller specialized topic. As this was during my internship and I was using ASP.NET MVC there, I originally thought of focusing on the latter and C#. The problem was that I was just starting out and did not feel confident about the subject and also I was more interested in exploring other areas like Artificial Intelligence and wanted to cover some of the events happening here in Mauritius. After watching this video, I finally chose to blog about my journey as a computer science student and programmer in Mauritius and post things as I learn them, for now.

[Lesson 2] Creating Your Blog : Domain Name, Host, Blogging Software

In this lesson, I was asked to sign up on a hosting service and install the blogging software.

Choosing a Domain Name.

I wanted the Domain Name to reflect me and as I am confident that my name is unique, so I went for it. I also noticed that the .codes extension was available and I found it really cool. I registered with namecheap.

Choosing a Host.

For this I was advised to choose bluehost, but I wanted to try something else, I tried instead FastComet. Since I registered my domain name with another service, I had to set the nameservers manually to my host, but I that time, I did not know anything about that. Fortunately customer support at FastComet explained it to me, they were also helpful for activating SSL.

Choosing a blogging software.

For this, I went with the recommended choice of WordPress. I heard about other platforms such as Ghost, Medium etc.. but in the end, I chose WordPress as it is very flexible, it is well supported and I used it for an assignment in my first year.

[Lesson 3] The Next Step Is… : Brainstorming

In this lesson, I was asked to create a list of the topics of my future posts. And I would say that it was quite hard for me to think about 10 different ASP.NET MVC topics, so I was glad that I changed my blog theme to a broader one.

[Lesson 4] Time to Get Serious! : Consistency

In this lesson, I learned that being regular is really important and also that the frequency will be greatly affect the number of post I have after a long period of time. I decided to post every other week, so that I have time to explore and write about the topic and chose to write one day, each week, so that it is 2 writing days for one post.

[Lesson 5] Do You Know How to Get Traffic For Your Blog?

In this lesson, I was once again asked to focus on creating quality content regularly. I also learned that I should spend some more time reading other software development blogs and leaving comments. You are also very welcomed to comment on this post and share it wherever you want.

My thoughts after the course.

I found that the course was really helpful and it helped me a lot in getting started with my blog. Honestly I cannot think of how I would have started a blog without it. You too can register and start your blog by following the link here